Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Psychology of the Horror Movie Killer's Weapon

There are many things that you can learn more about a horror films character by looking at the way that he or she kills the victims in the movie. Many of these murder techniques are based off of established psychological information that have been gathered about real life serial killers.


A horror movie character that kills by using a knife wants to be close to the victim when the ultimate deed is done. The murderous character also wants to make sure that he or she can feel the strike that ends the life of the victim.


If a killer in a movie uses a knife, there is a major key that you can tell about his or her personality. The killer wants to be at a distance from the one that is being killed. The horror movie killer does not actually want the blood to spill on him or her.

Also, it is easier to kill a victim with a gun. There is less of a chance for defense against the horror movie killer. This usually means that the killer wants to get the job done as easily as possible.


Similar to the knife, the killer wants the feeling of killing a person as close as possible. The horror movie killer wants the victim to literally die at his or her hands.

This is usually a showing of power since the killer has the power to allow the victim to breath, or to die. A horror film character that will choke a victim is ually one that is to be understood as a character that has a control issue in his or her life.

Machete, Ax, or Chainsaw

A horror movie killer that uses a machete, and ax, or a chainsaw is one that wants to make sure that overkill happens. Not only does the victim have to die, but the victim has to be completely decimated.

These types of overkill also signify someone that has a control issue. The character will usually have either some kind of god complex, or will have such an inferiority complex that he or she will have to prove to himself or herself how powerful that he or she can be.


Any kind of torture devise that is used in a horror film is an explanation of how the character wants to show his or her mental superiority by originality. The character will enjoy seeing the pain on the victim's face. It is not really the push to kill a person that drives this kind of horror film killer. It is the ability to cause pain that drives the character.

The next time that you watch a horror film in which a character is a killer, pay attention to the way that he or she kills people. You may realize that you see a horror movie killer in a whole new light.


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