Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Worn out? On a sugar high? Me too. I'm absolutely exhausted. BUT. Tonight is the night; I watch The Exorcist TVYNS (2000). Yay! I'll see about staying up long enough to watch Frankensetin.

I'm Regan Macneil (post-vomit). I mean, right now. No clue as to where the cold cream is. But that's fine. I had fun taking a gazillion photos. The scariest part of the day was being made up as the sweetest little Regan (possessed-by-the-Devil) Macneil, in front of a mirror; with the light off; and snapping a photo with flash. I came out of the bathroom pretty quick. I then flashed (pun, yes, 2nd of the month) back to the freaking scariest trailer I've ever seen...

The Exorcist~ Unreleased trailer

Posted by, guess who? Justin.

Don't fret; for, in the coming week, Halloween will continue. Because I have a pillow case overflowing with goodies for all my friends to share.

Hope your Halloween was a Thriller! THRILLER YEAH!

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