Thursday, October 18, 2007


It seems that the loading time for this page has gotten longer since I added all the vids and huge scans... Please bear with it while I try to figure out a solution. ;)

You know we're nearing Halloween when Linus Vanpelt mentions The Great Pumpkin.

2 festive comics from Strange Brew:

Plus the 2006 art contest Black & Orange. Great stuff!

And while brainstorming with Ali, we came up with another submission idea. Photos of your decorations. Be it indoor, outdoor, up a tree, in a doll house, in you window, on your porch... everything! Keep it coming, 'cause The Aussie MUST have Halloween! And I've been lucky enough to receive more art by Larry and some printable goodies from Dex1138. Thanks, guys! More stuff later today!

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