Sunday, October 14, 2007


Some days I wish I had a ghost writer... Like today.. When I'm wishing I didn't feel like I've left my brain in my other pants. Sunday does this to me. All days that end in "Y" do this to me. Here's a link to DoctorMacro's high quality movie scans. Riddled with old greats such as Boris and Cheney. And found this neat bunch of Halloweeny quizes through Wonderful Wonderblog. I'll add something else here soon :)

New Casper Cartoon Show intro

Catchy little ditty this is.
Disney's Halloween Treat music vid

Quite spooky on piano. Well done, JinzoCreed.
Psycho (1960)~ Piano Tribute

"I've always loved Universal horror movies because the creatures tend to be misunderstood loners. Whenever I'd watch those films, I would always hear the voice of David Cassidy crying out for understanding... so I decided to share what I kept hearing in my head. Too bad all these monsters couldn't travel around a bus together." What Hammerman8699 said!
The Universal Monster Family

Hehehe. Good job, Greg Krieger
Universal Monsters Macarena

Tomorrow I'll post the Jack Davis scan I thought I was gonna post today. And! Other treats!


Anonymous said...

C'mon, get happy!

Monster-Maniac said...

Now we wait for The Partridge family to be remade with ravens ;)