Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Junk Gypsy

A great site for modern gypsy accessories! Go to The Junk Gypsy Company!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Links for today

Here we have a cool Monster t-shirt etc. store.

And now for the too late news:

Yesterday, July 28th, was Jim Davis' 62nd birthday. And I forgot! It's terrible! He's genius behind my favorite comic strip, lifter of my spirits, soda-out-my-nose blower! I can't count how many times I've nearly passed out laughing at Garfield. I grew up on Garfield. I've loved him all my life. I always will. I wish I could put into words, Jim, how much joy I get out of the strip. Happy birthday, my friend! Lots of love and laughs to you!

FFH goes to Flickr

Ok, there's some stuff there now. Not fascinating, but stuff. I couldn't decide what to post there at first... I fiddle with photography, but I'm not too hot at it. And I worry someone else will claim my photos are their own. I may put my book scans there. For now it has screenshots: Here. I'll add all the awesome stuff I can. Knock yourselves out! Update: I added more stuff, but there are spoilers! I'll try to rearrange things so you don't see the spoilers when you don't mean to.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Cute, cuddly, little Grim Reaper!

Just look at this. Isn't that something? There's even a comic to go with it!

The Cthulhu Circus

Whaddaya mean you haven't heard of it?! It's only the best Family Circus/Lovecraft mash-up comic ever! Also in the news today, Cat cheered me up a great deal this afternoon. We chatted and just "shot the breeze", in the words of my aunt/friend Shelly. So I'm currently in a good mood. Hooray for Cat! ;) I think we've all had enough of my mood swings, so go see The Cthulhu Circus!

Hotter than Hell

It's too damn hot. I'm ready for Autumn now. I'm hot, bored and feel altogether crappy. The only nice thing about days like this is: It usually means a thunderstorm. Anyhoo... I've joined up at Myspace and Flickr. There's nothing on my Flickr page now... I signed up mostly so I could comment. As I have nothing better to do at the moment, I'm trying to entertain you. It's a worthwhile activity. I'm surprised that I haven't posted a link to Haunted Memories before. Have fun there! Eerie, creepy or spooky places is a good place to kill some time. Check out some cool horror mag covers here. You can go get spooked by the ghostly voices at AA-EVP. Here is a cool site, 8MM Horror and Scifi video boxes. Here's Fred Sez: Halloween 2005. And... uh... You best be 18 and over before you go to The Groovy Age of Horror, 'cause... well, can't you guess?! But there are great horror book and magazine scans there. Keep cool, My Fellow Ghouls!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Poe illustrations

Gustave Dore did these illustrations for The Raven. And these beautiful pieces are by Edmund Dulac.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Peter Cushing pics

All these are from The Peter Cushing Yahoo group. Update: Last two were from Poletti.

Awesome Hammer Film lobby cards

This site is absolutely wonderful! It's jam-packed with lobby cards. Just what I like!

Neatorama: The Home Of Fun And Weirdness

Everyone, go there now! You could spend hours at that place. In just two days, I've become completely addicted to some flash games I found there. I can't say enough about how great that site is. Awesome, trippy and funnifying (yes, that's my new word; even though 55 things come up when you Google it).

Maukie: It's not quite a game, but it's SO SWEET!

Boomshine: This is a really mellow game... for a while. Then I start cussing.

Covert front
: This one just makes me tense. But it's fun!

Feed the head: Trippy, trippy, trippy.

Shuffle: This is more my type. Simple, entertaining and impossible to stop playing...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Disney's "The Skeleton Dance"

I was gonna wait for Halloween, but I can't stand to deprive you for that long. I saw this when I was a kid, and it was too scary! I never imagined I'd be the Horror Freak you see today. I'll tell you a secret: It STILL gives me the creeps!

The poll

OK, so it's a little screwy; missing quite a few actors... But, I confess, I haven't seen all of the classic horror movies. I'm so ashamed! I only gave you the choice between those actors which I've seen in a few films. Incidentally, the actor I've seen in the most movies is Boris.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Oh, there's another site by the same people, but it hasn't been updated for a while. Who remembers 4ourdegrees.net? One of my first lurks as a Horror Fiend. The clip art was to die for, and the wallpapers were THE BEST. I tried to email someone there... If you're out there, please contact me!

Tidying the links

Imagination theater
Hitchcock movies
The Fleshfarm
Box of Monsters
Alfred Hitchcock
B-horror actors
H P Lovecraft
Coast to coast with George Noory

Creepy/Cute Cartoon Chicks

It's In to be Odd! It's the Ghoul-Girl liberation movement! Let's burn our Princess gowns and march proudly with our Ouija boards and black kitties! Thirteen cheers for Ruby Gloom and Emily Strange!

Poe: Something odd and something artsy

I came upon this curious little tidbit and thought I ought to share it with you.

And this great portrait is from Steve Wacksman.