Friday, July 27, 2007

Hotter than Hell

It's too damn hot. I'm ready for Autumn now. I'm hot, bored and feel altogether crappy. The only nice thing about days like this is: It usually means a thunderstorm. Anyhoo... I've joined up at Myspace and Flickr. There's nothing on my Flickr page now... I signed up mostly so I could comment. As I have nothing better to do at the moment, I'm trying to entertain you. It's a worthwhile activity. I'm surprised that I haven't posted a link to Haunted Memories before. Have fun there! Eerie, creepy or spooky places is a good place to kill some time. Check out some cool horror mag covers here. You can go get spooked by the ghostly voices at AA-EVP. Here is a cool site, 8MM Horror and Scifi video boxes. Here's Fred Sez: Halloween 2005. And... uh... You best be 18 and over before you go to The Groovy Age of Horror, 'cause... well, can't you guess?! But there are great horror book and magazine scans there. Keep cool, My Fellow Ghouls!

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