Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Neatorama: The Home Of Fun And Weirdness

Everyone, go there now! You could spend hours at that place. In just two days, I've become completely addicted to some flash games I found there. I can't say enough about how great that site is. Awesome, trippy and funnifying (yes, that's my new word; even though 55 things come up when you Google it).

Maukie: It's not quite a game, but it's SO SWEET!

Boomshine: This is a really mellow game... for a while. Then I start cussing.

Covert front
: This one just makes me tense. But it's fun!

Feed the head: Trippy, trippy, trippy.

Shuffle: This is more my type. Simple, entertaining and impossible to stop playing...

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