Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Hershey's Trick or Treats site has a lot of goodies for everyone. Myspace layouts, clip art, desktop wallpapers, screensaver, you name it.

You'll find fun games for the kiddies at YTV.com. Including Jinx (very adorable ghosty on an adventure), Trick or Suite, and lots more.

Incredibly festive cakes to be found at Starry Night bakery, Halloween tricks and treats, wedding cakes by Dawna, holiday recipes, wedding of the damned, and easy to make Halloween cakes and cupcakes. YUMMY.

Oh yeah?! Well, I can carve a better Jack-o-Lantern than that under water! Underwater pumpkin carving

An oldie but a goodie; because you never know when you'll need Flaming Pumpkins of Death!

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