Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Do you need your Frankenstein fix? Want to see the Invisible man? Do you love retro monsters? Well, boys and ghouls, You've come to the right place! Digging up these dear archetypes of horror and Halloween is easy... but I thought I'd make it easier for you. I wish my blog could be like this, but I don't do perfect :P . Very cool blog for vintage record covers (creepy, of course) and more monster stuff at . The Devil is everywhere and the proof is here at . A sweetly spooky comic . Monster mags... does it get any better? and Well, what do you know, I've found a box of monsters! . Although gorier than Boris, Bela and the like, good for horror movies. Art of all kinds, mostly things that will make you shiver. . You HAVE to check this out. All of you. You don't know what you're missing. . THE BEST EXORCIST FANSITE EVER. . If (when, hopefully) I find things worthy of my little blog, I'll post. Happy haunting!

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