Friday, May 11, 2007

Don't knock it 'till you watch it

Gore-fests are not as bad as I used to think... Return of the night of living dead part II was actually funny. Anyone notice the title of the book Ash puts on the trash can trapping his evil hand in Evil dead II? Farewell to arms! See?! Funny! These spoofs that pay homage to (make fun of, whatever) iconic horror movies use every horror cliche possible; a horror fan knows pretty well what will happen next. Clunking in the attic is not a good sign. Neither is seeing an escaped psychopath on the news when you're home alone. And it is NOT a good idea to investigate the screaming from the abandoned house that the local gypsy shuns. Return of the night of the living dead (one, that is) freaked me out. The first time it was on TV I didn't get past the melting corps. It's a good thing I didn't watch the rest at the time considering that was the tamest part. It could have been better, I think. The eyes of the first zombie (I'm not giving anything away, am I? What do you expect to happen in a movie called Return of the night of the living dead, anyway?) were to fake. They looked like they were meant for a living thing, not something that's been dead for who knows how long. And that the rest of the body was "All messed up", to borrow from the original night of terror, it makes more sense to me that the eyes should be icky too. I'm not complaining really. A bunch of people take the time to try to make a good (or at least fun) movie just for us (never mind they're getting payed a ridiculous amount for it) I don't want to bitch at them for sticking in the wrong kind of eyes. I just would have liked it to be a bit more realistic... because we all know how realistic zombies climbing out of the grave just to eat our brains is...

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