Monday, May 14, 2007

RIP Jason Miller

It was six years ago today that the man who played Damien Karras in The Exorcist died. I have only had the pleasure of seeing three of his movies, but he left quite an impression. Having read what I could about him, he seemed to leave an impression on most people; through his movies to most and to the lucky few who actually knew him. (Watch me turn green) I wish I had known him... Not that I could make interesting conversation, but I could listen to him forever. My one true Halloween tradition, since the first time I saw it, is to watch The Exorcist. A great film and the most marvelous acting I have ever seen. He had me mesmerized the whole way through. It was probably the first time I really saw a movie as a story rather than entertainment. His role stuck with me, nudging me to buy the book, leading me to my favorite author , William Peter Blatty, and to his other book Legion. I've read each twice, leading me to want to be a writer. I will be a writer, if my books will be good is another matter altogether. It turns out that a leap for Karras was a leap for me too. So I owe much to this guy who I never met and didn't know existed until he was dead for three years... Funny how things work! Go Irish, Jason, I miss you.

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