Friday, May 11, 2007

Spooky poems #2 (by Shelly... Buy her books!)


History of ghostly pasts
lingering between worlds
of not letting go of what once was
glowing orbs of light
floating through the air.

Unknown faces seen in photographs
haunted old buildings of strange events
and creepy noises of unseen footsteps
and slamming doors.

Manifestation of analyzers researching
the other side in the mysteries of the supernatural
looking for answers and hidden clues
to the unknown of tormented souls in limbo
wandering and drifting through time.

Never settled and searching for loved ones.

Cold air breathing on your skin
making you cringe
someone is watching you and standing nearby
following your every move beyond the grave.

Visitation of spirit in psychic impression
from other dimensions seeking solace
of their anguished journey
to go to the light and be free in peace.


Wild gypsy in frenzied dance
long black hair flowing
down her back
swaying in movement
on a full moon night.

Music playing filled the air
she could not be tamed
freedom was her name
the caravan her home
forever to roam
putting on show.

The moonlight glistened
on her olive skin
her full lips moist with want
like a caged animal
with lust in her eyes.

She had everyone under her spell
in passionate trances
their cares were swept away.

From dusk to dawn
they were singing her song
in sleepless nights
with gypsy gone.

Memories In Dust

Deep down in the cellar of your mind
unknown memories packed away
under cobwebs and dusty floor.

Creaky old stairs damaged
through rotting wood
of many years gone by.

Smiling photos, broken toys
collected over time.

Hanging light bulb
dangling from a chain
swaying back and forth
dimming your vision.

Cold and damp, shivering in skin
feeling trapped in a small space
of personal nightmare.

Fear of the unknown
of what you will find
lurking in your own shadows
hidden inside.

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