Monday, May 7, 2007

Four poems for the price of one!

Lucky you, you've found four spooky poems by my friend Shelly! (See previous post)

Body Channel

I have left you before,
attached by an invisible thread,
naked to the eye,
but you can still see.

To travel out of body,
and explore other places,
familiar faces,
far off lands,
interesting destinations,
imprinted in sands of time.

Forever marked,
in the history of my journey.

I must stay connected,
and not break that cord.

To soar and to fly ,
in between worlds,
to discover my own mystery.

I channel,
I see,
of all of whom,
I have been before.


Come to me through the portal,
I am waiting for you,
from beyond.

Open the door,
to the other side,
do not be afraid to enter,
it is time to say goodbye,
to your loved ones.

Joining those in your circle,
of love of passing's on.

It is beautiful here,
very peaceful,
like floating on a cloud,
without any cares,
without any woes,
it all disappears.

A joyful spirit,
chained no more.

Freedom to explore,
all dimensions.

Come into the light,
and take my hand.

Message From Beyond

Ghostly encounter of old haunts
drifting in and out from times past
floating in bright light
in showing you the way
on a full moon night.

Scaring the unsuspected
of silent screams
sights unseen without any sound
distant voices filled the air
like whispers in the wind
the homes of the departed
left to roam and unravel
mysteries of their saddened lives
of the dead.

Secrets kept and stories revealed
from other times of what is meant.
Stuck on the earth plane in limbo state.

Lovers lost in spirit communications
and invisible companion
reaching across time
seeking resolve in messages
sent of investigation.


Cloak and dagger
cuts like a knife
splits down the middle
of two different sides.

Of false faces
hidden agendas
closed in spaces
memories of traces
on a paper trail
of haunting stories
researched and read.

Mysteries unsolved
of the long lost dead.

Suspense in the air
candles burning
voices heard
screams of long ago.

Witch's brewing their potions
casting their spells
and unheard notions
of the exposing of the evil soul.

Tormented and deranged
hidden in black fog
like a shroud of sorrows
collected long ago
never released in resolve.

The howling at the moon
wolves in their packs
hungry for victims.

Caught in limbo
between high and low.

Cleanse the air
with incense and sage
sending the demons away
of negative energy
and emotional vampires.

Wearing cloaks and dagger
cutting life like a knife.

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