Monday, May 19, 2008

Short reviews

I'm pretty picky about which movies I watch. I'll watch horror from any year, though I prefer pre-1990's. As I've said before, The 30's and 40's were the golden age of horror films, imho. Then the 60's and 70's.

The Ring (2002)
Good, spooky atmosphere. It scared me more than I will admit...

The Ring two (2005)
They should have quit while they were ahead. Not terrible, but unnecessary and predictable. The CGI wasn't so hot either.

Edward Scissorhands (1990)
Poor, sweet, Edward Scissorhands! I only saw this well-known Burton and Depp film a few weeks ago. It's beautiful, sensitive, and funny. Vincent Price's last film. He actually fainted during one scene and Burton kept it in.

The Time machine (1960)
This one had an odd effect on me. It's interesting, and it makes you think. I came away feeling somewhat ephemeral.

Forbidden Planet (1956)
Leslie Nielson (Lt. Frank Drebin did a serious sci-fi thriller?!) stole the show here. I watched it because I was amused by how young he was, and because, to me, sci-fi and horror are often similar.

The Rocky Horror picture show (1975)
Yeah, you won't stop singing after you watch it. Catchy tunes, clever lyrics, funny, and surreal. Definitely a winner.

The Omen (2006)
One of the few things I like about new horror is the atmosphere. The use, not abuse, of special (and visual, and audio...) effects is key. Omen 2006 handles these things well. Fairly decent in it's own right.

Rosemary's baby (1968)
It's a good movie, but I just don't care for it. Odd, I know, but honest.

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