Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The best Blogger profile I've ever read

Let's Find Out About...
Stephan Britt
In my head there are people and animals and buses and things so I take a pencil and draw them out. Sometimes my cat Edsel makes this face like he knows something I don't and I lock him in the closet for a few days 'til he stops it. If I can't find a pencil and paper, I'll go knocking on neighbors doors and ask if I can borrow some, and last week when I went outside there was a big stack of paper and pencils and it wasn't even Christmas! I once drew a picture of a horse's butt so real that a friend said it smelled just like a real one (that is if I had one, a friend that is). When I get a drawing job I like to put on my lucky blue cap and drink six big glasses of whiskey and punch, and then I stare at the paper so hard my eyes hurt. This is how I get all my great ideas- once I had three great ideas in a row and passed out. Thank you for your consideration.

Many Haw-Haws

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