Sunday, August 19, 2007

Today was not much fun

Nothing dreadful took place, I'm grateful to say; but it wasn't... unique. I'll give you an idea: I ate popcorn all day and watched Seinfeld. Not bad... just ordinary. Nobody was on my IM much... I confuse others with stunning grace and (faked) wit. I knit... I'm endlessly boring, sorry, but I'm just sticking the day together and getting over with it, you see. Umm... I stuck a little tv in my bedroom, leaving many books homeless and sitting on my floor. Cabala, V.C. Andrews, David Niven, Poe, Gravestone humor, Hitchcock, ect. etc. I won't floss again. It goes against my happy-go-lucky nature to fiddle with the kernels between my teeth. I'll let them be; 'cause I'm sleepy. Oh well... They can't all be gems.

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