Monday, August 27, 2007

New news

So then. What's up, you ask? My friends are busy for me. Justin will make Exorcist III screencaps soon. Because I will nag him until he does. Another friend is going to take pictures from Mommy with Jason Miller. I'm dying for sausage, and I don't know why... I posted a question here. Help me out if you can, thanks. I found a few more cool sites with links to FFH. Thank you! I'll post them later. I always searched "Frankestein's fun house". But "Frankenstein's funhouse" got new results. Yay! Two friends are back from vacations, and one just left. And, Justin's Natalie was mentioned in a magazine! He's also now an admin for the Jason Miller Tribute. That's all for now. Update: Run over to Justin's Natalie site and wish her a happy birthday!

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