Sunday, June 17, 2007

Scream and scream again (1970)

Promising title. I can't say it was bad... I can't say it was good either. I wasn't crazy about it. I spent all but the last 15 minutes wondering what the Hell was happening and then got very little explanation. It said on the box "starring" Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price. Cushing's role would have been more appropriately called a cameo. He was good for his 5 minutes of fame. Lee was in it for longer, though it didn't seem that way. Price was good. It's a shame they weren't even in one scene together. Clever lines here and there and a fair chase scene (it went on forever, but wasn't bad as far as cars going fast in movies go.). Very little continuity, thin plot (thick plot, they just don't let you in on it.), the women were portrayed as very dumb and at least one very ridiculous death scene.

For: Peter Cushing's 5 minutes

Christopher Lee

Against: Can't we have a serious death scene, please?

Bad death scene 2

My favorite part: Finding lookalikes. Anthony Perkins

Leonard Cohen
(sort of)

John Barrymore

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