Thursday, June 7, 2007

Horror-Wood Forever

Greetings, friends--

I don't know how many of you frequent the monthly on-line magazine Horror-Wood (, but when the September issue failed to appear like clockwork, I feared something was up.

Horror-Wood was THE best monthly web publication devoted to classic horror--while I was by no means a major player there, I was more than happy to supply the occasional review, article or answer to a reader's question. And it was through Horror-Wood that I discovered the Horror Host Underground (, laying to rest any fears that I was the only one left doing what I do in my personal ventures.

Joe Meadows ("Renfield" to readers) was an enthusiastic, friendly and patient soul who never failed to return an e-mail, never had anything to complain about in public... and never hinted that anything was wrong with his health (in my experience).

It is my unfortunate task tonight to report that Joe Meadows passed away approximately three days ago (Friday the 8th, if I'm not mistaken).

Rest in peace, friend--and may there always be those willing to continue (NEVER finish) what you started.

Shane M. Dallmann "Remo D." to friends

I was (and still am) sad to hear this. It was a wonderful site. I noticed a few months ago that Horror-Wood was unavailable. As far as I knew, it was gone forever. Yesterday, though, while searching for images (monster related, no doubt) I clicked a pic from HW... just hoping "maybe today it will be here". Lo and behold, our dear Horror-Wood is up and running again. Joe "Renfield" Meadows must be smiling. Lots of thanks to whomever is keeping it going, it is truly appreciated.

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