Saturday, September 29, 2007

Phantom photography

Who You Gonna Call? Your friends are going to call YOU after you show them your pictures. Just point and shoot. Tell them you saw something spooky as you take the shots. Camera automatically adds an eerie ghostly image to every scene. 35mm single use indoor/outdoor flash camera with 27 exposures, flash ready light. Available at

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Randomness about me and what I should be doing

I should really be cleaning. To Hell with that. It's storming out. Time to stare out the window and breathe deep. Lovely smell of rain. Doesn't get better than that for me. My friends on the other side of this little world have dozed off. Not much to keep me awake. Cool and dark. I'll finish up as I think the Lighting is coming.

All right, it calmed down a bit. I should be cleaning or knitting. Doing something productive... But, I tell ya, it seems easier to write than work right now.

So. Now randomness about me. Fascinating, huh?!

I'm obsessed with punctuation. Do you really need an apostrophe..., here? I have no time to read the dictionary right now. I r super busy. I'm up to "C" though.

I really need to run to the drugstore, but I'll not be bothered to. I feel like I have a head cold. You know that smell you get when you have a head cold? I have that. I've been using my Neti pot wrong. I Googled it and I'm getting the hang of things now. I'm just doodling. Here, in words, and on paper, as is more common. Damn apostrophes...

My quirks... Well, here I'm interviewing myself about my oddities. That's #1. My hair is absolutely hopeless. I hate country music with the exception of Johnny Cash. I loath clothes shopping. Trying stuff on is pure torture. Love having the junk once I bring it home though. I'm reading at least 6 books at the moment.

I could not make the fucking comp put movies on dvd so I could watch them. Somebody help me, plz. Nero is driving me crazy. If you can help, and I know you from around here in blog world, and you have Yahoo or MSN instant messaging, gimme a shout here and we'll sort out this insanity. I'll be thrilled. Kthanxbai.

Wow! I'm boring myself! See ya.

Monday, September 24, 2007

A sampler of things yet to come...

Posting to have a new post

I'm working on stuff. I watched Psycho II for the first time a few days (or should I say nights) ago. I love it. Nothing to the original, of course, but it's an entertaining film. Few jolts to my sleepy head... I watched it in bed in the dark. Anthony Perkins was spectacular. He was Norman. He was sympathetic and pitiable. As much as he made one squirm with uneasiness, one (I) still had the urge to comfort him. He was a good boy... Obeyed his mother... and had one Hell of a teen rebellion.

I'm wandering off course. Screencaps will be coming. I'm watching a movie tonight (fingers crossed that the CD-R actually plays in my player).

Justin threw up (yeah, I said it) a site of high quality horror film pics. Awesomeness indeed. Psycho, Vincent Price, Nosferatu... All your hopes and dreams... 'k. I'm overselling a little. It does rock though.

I'm using a Neti pot for post nasal drip. It works great, but I still haven't gotten the hang of not choking and panicking while using it. But! I'm breathing better than I have been in a couple years.

Don't forget to visit Imagination Theater at the very least once a week. Download free radio mystery/drama shows. Boasting a wonderful cast, great producer, Jim French and suspenseful and/or witty plays. MOVIES FOR YOUR MIND: Featuring Harry Nile, Kincaid The Strangeseeker, Crisis and Louie Lamour. *GASP* I've adored that show since I first heard it. Little icky for me... being young and not yet the horrorfreak you see before you... Sherlock Holmes... something about people's twisted bodies that got me spooked.

Now I've posted something. I'm so proud.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

I never saw a scary llama, I never hope to see one...

But if I see a scary llama, I'd rather see then be one...

Adorable photo from Justin

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Vincent Price sees Red

A Hard Day's Night of the Living Dead

The Beatles and zombies. What more could you want?! Thanks to James Venamun for sending this out to his friends.

Never fear, Monster-Maniac is here!

Grawr... I've been so busy. I hate to not be entertaining though. Just you wait 'til October! 31 posts or over. One a day, if I miss one, next day, 2. I can't wait. Meanwhile, I'll look for something interestingness to post today. I have a link in mind already...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Vintage/interesting book covers?

I have TONS of retro books. Now, my Flickr is making me a little nuts. I can't upload much as is. I'm trying to take the horror screencap site off Justin's hands. My other blog, Ectoplasm soup, is admittedly neglected... I suppose I could put book scans there instead of just articles about the paranormal... It's trickier holding a book open on the scanner than just the cover. The other option is a second Flickr page. Or not doing it at all. Your vote.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


And I'm ecstatic! Jason, runner of Scar Stuff, has been away from it since before I got to be a horror-freak. I used to hang out there looking at the great, old records... I'm so in the mood for preparing for Halloween!!! Go there and be amazed. You'll love it. Great to see you, Jason!
NOTE: Some files may not be available at the moment. Including these two.

New installments of The Happy Undertaker

It's been a thrilling day in Spooky-Blog-World! First news first: The Happy Undertaker has two new installments! HOORAY, DRAZEN!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Skull-A-Day #91

Dave's Spookytown Village 2003

'Tis the season and I'm getting hyped! New link to a Halloween village today... The air is getting a little cooler... I've seen a few stray leaves dancing by my window... Costume things adorn the first racks of the second hand shop... Overpriced, but hey. You're all encouraged to send in pics of your Halloween towns, collections, art, everything! I can't wait to see what great stuff you'll share with all of us! I'll post a few things today as I'll be busy this week. Check out Dave's Spookytown Village 2003.