Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Upcoming stuff

Too long without posting...

Justin wants you nice people to join up with his forum,

I'll fix the labels sometime soon too. And I'm thinking of changing the font to COURIER. I just love the typewriter/vintage look.

New links will be added. The link list will be sorted as well.

And, as a reminder, you're welcome to add me on Myspace, where I'm listed as
Regan Karloff. Or whatever suits me that day. In general, I don't care for Myspace. It's addictive and not very useful. But not without it's good points. It's the only place where I can reach some friends. I was looking for someone in particular on the internet with no luck in finding a place to email them. They found me through Myspace. Pretty cool.

Justin has added some awesome high quality pictures to the EXMK gallery; classic Hollywood stars and movies.

More soon!

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