Sunday, August 5, 2007

The utter awesomeness of horror screenshots

I know I haven't gotten around to stuff I've promised you just yet... As what usually happens, life keeps getting in the way of me entertaining you. I'm still gonna post the stuff, just not as quick as I'd like. Anyone remember what I'm on about? Vintage book covers, scans from Ripley's collection of morbid oddities and, more recently, screencaps from Karloff's The Ape. I'm getting to it all. I've also landed myself some friends at Myspace and Flickr, and I've been goofing off with them. Not to mention my nifty new gadget, Instant Messenger. Been talking to my Australian mates all week. AND Justin is thinking of starting a horror screencap site! I've already thrown all my support and begging his way. Why don't you all go tell him that you NEED a horror screencap site too? Justy's also busy trying to get some ugly watermarks off a couple pics for me (and you). Meanwhile, I'll toss you a link for fun. Monster Movie Gallery. Dig ya later! Update! The Ape, (starring Boris Karloff as the warped humanitarian), screencaps are up... But, SPOILER ALERT! Also watch for more from The Fall Of The House Of Usher (starring Vincent Price as the eerie yet alluring Roderick Usher). And, the Gorefest; Black Sunday.

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